Winter has been in full swing for a little while now, Eastern Washington and Snoqualmie pass has already gotten their yearly dumping of snow and there's still more to come. Western Washington also got a heavy dose of snow and freezing weather, which is a recipe for disaster.

Every year there's a good amount of snow in Washington, videos seem to come as fast as the snow itself of people trying to walk, drive, run, or crawl to safety away from the ice but usually with no luck.

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Tho Seattlites claim they can survive just fine in the snow and that they have no worries driving in it, year after year these videos surface the same day the snow comes and you can see the absolute panic on people's faces. Some brave through it with a laugh but make no mistake, that's not a laugh of joy, it's a laugh of fear. So we went through and collected some videos you have to see to believe, this is why Seattle should be very, very afraid of the snow.

@cwkoss yikes, hope everyone is ok! everything might be melted by tomorrow morning? crazy! #seattle#icestorm#2022seattle#ice#dangerousweather#snowstorm#pnw#seattle2022♬ Tokyo Drift - Xavier Wulf
Thankfully everyone in the first video is fine and walked away with some scratches and bumps but thankfully were in high enough spirits to laugh it off. Now let's take a look at another video.

@loganrrr91#seattleicestorm#icestorm2022#seattle♬ Oh No - Kreepa


This one got a lot of laughs out of us, people just trying to walk through the icy streets but can't quite find their footing. Some are calling this the Seattle Shuffle, a move you can only bust in the snow. 

@hannahmle When the pnwonderland turns all of Seattle’s hills into an ice sheet over night #seattleicestorm#icestorm#icestorm2022#pnw#washington#snowstorm♬ Only Time - Enya
Last but not least someone picked the perfect music for a man who couldn't stop sliding down his neighborhood hill. You can see the defeat on his face but the determination to make it back into the arms of his loved one. 
Do you have videos of people trying to survive the snow, make sure to send them to us so we can include them! 

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