**Demand in California has been rising steadily for livestock to provide grazing services to attack weeds as a wildfire-prevention measure.

The California Wool Growers Association says it has more requests from private landowners and public agencies than its members can fulfill.

University of California Cooperative Extension says it plans to create a statewide database to match landowners with ranchers whose sheep, goats or cattle could provide grazing services.

**AgJunction, the autosteering company, recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Kubota and several of its subsidiaries. The lawsuit claims Kubota products violate three of their patents concerning automated machine control and steering.

AgJunction vice president Bob Barjesteh tells agweb.com, after years of attempting to negotiate a license with Kubota and its suppliers, we are left with no choice but to assert our patents in court.

The lawsuit specifically names Kubota's M7 Series tractors and models updated with autosteer.

**The National Potato Council is working hard to protect the interests of growers.

That's according to CEO Kam Quarles, speaking at last month's Idaho Grower Shippers Association convention in Sun Valley.

Thepacker.com reports, he told attendees that folks frustrated by some of some of the things we're pushing on Capitol Hill start referring to us as 'Big Potato, but with just four staff members, the council is far from big.

Quarles says nutrition, the use of certain chemicals, and trade are other keys issues.

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