Amazon has launched an automated cashier-less store which might turn out to be the next big thing at retail.

Amazon Go has launched in Seattle and there'll be no lines and no checkouts at this store.

It's all about the technology with sophisticated camera's and sensors doing the heavy lifting.

The premise seems pretty easy, when you enter an Amazon Go store, you walk through the turnbuckles, and the turnbuckles register your Amazon Go app.

The app then goes to work, when you take something off the shelf, it puts it into your virtual basket and if you place it on the shelf, it takes it back out of your virtual basket.

If you are done shopping and you leave the store, whatever's in your virtual basket is then charged to your Amazon account.

No Lines, No Waiting

The good news is that there are store employees all around, helping you with your needs, but no cashier.

You can check out more details about the new Amazon Go store here

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