Kelsie Dolin may have made it past the audition phase of American Idol Season 20, but when she entered Hollywood Week on Monday (March 28), the timid 18-year-old country singer from West Virginia couldn’t help but feel nervous to sing in front of her peers.

Before her performance, the hopeful — who had no previous experience singing or performing in front of people before auditioning for Idol — told viewers that she has struggled with confidence issues throughout her life.

“I’m not really confident in myself because growing up, I guess I always felt like I was on the back burner,” she said in a pre-recorded clip. “At Thanksgiving when you have turkey or mac and cheese, I guess other people are the main things, but I’d be the mashed potatoes. No one really pays attention to them.”

Luckily for Dolin, she has plenty of people supporting her on her Idol journey, including former Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina, who showed up to mentor Dolin and other contestants during the evening’s genre round of the competition.

Sharing some comforting words after Dolin admitted that she thought she would freeze on stage, Alaina told her: "Practice makes perfect ... You can sing, and you will. I know it’s intimidating. I know it is so overwhelming. However, this show is created for Kelsies. You are what American Idol is about. This is your moment. You get to decide who you are and who you want to be."

Onstage, Dolin’s hands were shaking vigorously as she gripped the microphone. Unable to control her body movements, she decided to go for it after judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie insisted she would be okay.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, Dolin — who has been dedicating her performances to her late grandmother — launched into Lainey Wilson’s chart-topping hit “Things a Man Oughta Know” and earned claps from her fellow contestants. With a boost of confidence, she eased her way through the rest of the song and managed to give the judges an effortless display that proved she is where she belongs.

Although Perry expressed concern over Dolin’s lack of confidence, all judges agreed to move her forward in the competition. Dolin now joins a long list of country artists in the running for the crowning American Idol title.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

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