Mike Parker had a lot riding on his shoulders when he took the stage for his Top 14 performance on American Idol on Sunday night (April 24). Not only was he coming off of a challenging week after having appeared in the bottom 10, but he also chose to cover Luke Combs’ breakout hit “Hurricane" — a well-known song from a much-loved superstar.

With a little bit of help from mentor Gabby Barrett, however, Parker was ready to give it his all in hopes to win America’s votes this time around.

“Ooh! You’ve got some boots to fill, boy!” Barrett told Parker in rehearsals. “Your body language is just a little bit tight. You’re kind of standing with one foot in front of you ... definitely move around. I also think what’s going to help you is keeping your eyes more open.”

After considering Barrett’s notes, Parker stepped out on stage with confidence. He commanded the room with no instrument in his hand and utilized his stage presence to electrify the crowd. A giant screen of pouring rain appeared behind him as he offered up the lyrics to the Combs’ hit and showed off his vocal range by belting out a high note at the end.

“Okay, Mike! That was your stage. You made that stage yours. You were sangin'! That was some authentic, country, soul sangin',” Katy Perry said of the performance.

“What that performance showed me is that you're a fighter. You are out there fighting. You know, to come from last week, and to come and battle back, and have this performance. I mean, way to show up and show America that you’re here to play,” Luke Bryan added.

“That is the way you are supposed to come get us. We’re the audience, and you did it! You killed it, and what I’m loving the most is your storytelling. That storytelling voice you have, I love it! It was your stage,” Lionel Richie remarked.

Unlike in previous episodes, this time, fans were able to cast their votes during the show. Voting ended before the last commercial break, and host Ryan Seacrest revealed the fate of the finalists. As it turns out, Parker did win America's love back, earning enough votes to secure him a spot in the Top 11.

American Idol returns with a new episode on Monday (April 25) on ABC.

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