Amy Wilcox drew the inspiration for her new song and video from her real life. The country singer-songwriter wrote "Fortune Teller" at a time when she was at a crossroads in both her musical journey and her personal life.

"Tell me that it's certain / All signs point to yes / I wanna see behind the curtain / I need you to confess / Some kind of love is gonna find me / What kind of love is gonna find me / Show me the way so I can find it first," she sings.

The Virginia native was raised on the music of California country-rock bands, as well as cross-genre artists that include the Dixie Chicks and Bonnie Raitt. She began singing and writing songs as a child, and she began to find her niche as an artist during a stint in Nashville that saw her attending Vanderbilt and singing with the campus a cappella group, the Swingin’ Dores.

Wilcox began to make a place in Music City's singer-songwriter community, but her career really took off after she moved to Los Angeles, where she connected with Blue Élan Records and producer Cass Dillon.

Wilcox wrote "Fortune Teller" after a real-life experience with a fortune teller empowered her at a time in her life when she was uncertain about her own future.

"I wrote this song about a real fortune teller in Washington, D.C., who inspired me to dig deep and keep pushing forward in music and love," she tells us. "When I was dreaming up the 'Fortune Teller' video, I wanted to pay homage to the power of these fortune tellers when people truly need to believe. The search for love is universal, so I wanted to capture the idea of two lonely, star-crossed lovers, giving in to the magic and mysticism of the fortune teller."

Wilcox and her director, Alex Justice, wanted the video to have somewhat of a throwback feel, and they decided to shoot in Joshua Tree, Calif.

"We loved the idea of portraying the journey of these two lovers like a 90’s rom-com montage," Wilcox explains. "I love performing this song live, but having the opportunity to further display its meaning through a fun storyline and actors was such an exhilarating experience for me. Not to mention, my makeup artist doubled as my fortune teller and I found my video boyfriend when he popped up on my Instagram feed! What’s more star-crossed than that?"

For more information about Amy Wilcox, please visit her official website, or keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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