Some guy carrying three 12-packs of beer had to use his nose to ring a doorbell cam. And then he started sticking his tongue out and making goofy faces at it. But he didn't know he was at the wrong house.

The guy that lives there used the intercom on his doorbell cam to inform the guy that he's at the wrong house.

I feel like the home owner used the 'call the cops' line a little pre-maturely. I mean the dude clearly wasn't there to cause harm.  As I continue to watch this video, I can't help but feel for the dude with the beer. He looks so sure that it's the house that he was told to meet at.

Maybe he met some 'friends', and those 'friends' gave him an inaccurate address to a party because they didn't want to hang with him... kind of like a woman who gives a guy the wrong phone number on purpose. I mean the dude came with THREE 12-packs, he clearly was ready to party. I MAY or MAY NOT be speaking from experience on this one LOL.

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