Like you, I did not like what I saw unfold in our nation’s capital today.

I am not a fan of protests, but it's our right to do so. I DO NOT condone violence and breaking things. Over the summer when rioters were burning cities it had me incensed. There is no excuse for breaking things. PERIOD.

We have a process in place to take deal with issues like this. It's called voting. Now there seemed to be some issues with our last election. So the trust with our leaders is minimal to say the least.

But at the same time, I get it.

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election

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People are angry because those in charge have taken advantage of them. Lied to them. Repeatedly. Last week the Corona Virus Bill was passed. Every eligible American got $600. In that same bill, $15 Million of our taxpayer dollars, went to the country of Pakistan for Gender Studies. People know it’s their tax dollars going overseas far away from their wallets. To make it worse, they are the ones paying for this without their consent.

This makes people upset. Rightly so. I could give you countless examples of this.

While this was unfolding, I was running errands, my wife Lisa texted me from work saying she was concerned. She said “I am worried our country is falling apart.”

While at the store waiting in line, I assured her that all will be well. As I was waiting in line, I saw no one at Safeway breaking anything. No one was stealing anything. All was calm and normal. While taking this in, I heard the lady in front of me tell the woman in front of her, that “she would take care of it”. It wasn’t a big scene. In fact, it went mostly unnoticed. The woman in front of me, for whatever reason, decided to pay the $70 of what is most likely a strangers groceries. It was a stark contrast to what was going on some 3500 miles away in our capitol.


I went to my car still taking in a random act of kindness. I headed over to my favorite coffee place to grab a drink. While ordering, I was told that my drink is on the house for some reason. I thanked them and was processing what was happening around me. I have said it many times and today proves it – Yakima has some pretty awesome folks.

As I drove home I was drawing a contrast to what I saw on TV today, I saw the calm streets of Yakima. A father and son were taking a walk. A woman had her headphones on running down Summitview. No one was honking or making a scene. It was as if all was well in the world.

This was sobering and comforting as I experienced my hometown of Yakima being awesome. Again, it was a stark contrast to Washington DC.

I am glad we live in a place where common sense and decency are on full display every day. People freely helping others to make Yakima a better place. That’s a good thing. As I write this, I am thankful I am surrounded by people who are slow to act poorly, and quick to act appropriately.

So while people feel cheated, taken advantage of and lied too from their elected leaders - local, regional and national, it’s still good to see others being decent in times of woe. Yakima is proof that today. America should be more like Yakima.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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