It seems like an odd question right? I ask because over the past couple of weeks, I have been in situations where I was offered a handshake. Not wanting to be rude and fresh from Covid myself, I shook their hands. They seemed like he never stopped doing it during COVID..

It’s one of those things that you never used to think about. It was an automatic response – someone extended their hand and you reciprocated. Now it’s all awkward. In the back of my mind I was thinking, “Is this OK to do right now?”


Dr. Anthony Fauci declared the handshake dead in April of this year. I thought Lord Fauci’s decision was a bit premature.

The handshake is a gesture and tradition that dates back to the 5th century B.C. in Greece. It was a symbol of peace, showing that neither person was carrying a weapon. It was a gesture in a uncivilized time that helped usher in civility over time. Since then we use handshakes as a friendly greeting. It is also a way to seal business deals. A hand shake means something. It’s sign of respect. It shows warmth. It allows for a bond and trust.

Now, due to 'Rona, we are reduced to a fist or elbow bump or the awkward wave. Think about it, would you seal a deal with fist bump or a wave?

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That would be unsettling to me. Put a glove on and shake a hand all our sakes.

I am not sure if the handshake is truly dead or not. I hope it survives and makes a comeback soon. Our isolation has me concerned that human touch will be on the way out – and that is not good.


All My Best,

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