...I mean, it wasn’t a fight – it was a minor disagreement.

Keep in mind, we have only been married a few months. What was the ruckus?

The problem is, Lisa thinks we have too many pillows on our bed. We have nine pillows. According to Lisa, that’s about seven too many. According to me, I could go for three or more. I know, the typical gender roles are reversed here, but I am all about comfort, not looks.

Some insight here, let’s do some math. I use two pillows to sleep on, three pillows to place between my knees, one behind me. Now according to my elementary skool math, that’s six pillows.


I sleep with pillows between my knees as I can’t stand to have my knees touch. I know, I am weird. I embrace it. If I can go with four pillows while doing this, I would - and have. So, Lisa being the practical part of our marriage, thinks that is waaaaaayyyyyy too many. That leaves two pillows for her and one left over for “decoration”.

Now this is where I am your typical guy – pillows are not for décor, they are for use to achieve comfort – which I do on the reg. Unlike those towels in the bathroom – they are NOT for decoration, their purpose is to dry your hands.

Lisa’s thing is practicality. Why do I need 6 pillows? Because that is what makes me comfortable. I have tried it with less and I don’t like it. I used to travel quite a bit for my job which required me to stay at hotels. Upon check-in, I got in the habit of asking for extra pillows. Why? Because that is what makes me comfortable.



Now, to be sure, Lisa and I came to an agreement on this. She is good with my pillow allotment now. A six pack of Bale Breaker Bribe will do that. In the meantime, she will make fun of me from here on out and I am good with that, cause - love.


All My Best,

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