It’s not betrayal – it’s more like I didn’t see that coming.

Lisa is now officially a Seattle Seahawks fan. She even has a favorite – receiver DK Metcalf. It’s been a slow burn over the past couple of months. It all started with, “Hey, when is Seattle playing?” Being a life-long 49ers fan, I kinda felt betrayed. I mean, like me, her entire family are 49ers fans. Lisa however, didn’t really like football much. She never really followed it. When it was on, she just tolerated it.

But since arriving in Washington, I noticed she got bit by the Seahawk bug. She then started to ask me when the Hawks were gonna play again.

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks

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Then it became, “Hey, while I am at work, can you record the Seahawks game for me?” Of course, I did. I knew where this was going.

That’s when it happened. We were watching the Hawks / Niners game and noticed she was fixated on her device. I had a feeling, but wanted to confirm it. “What are you ordering?” She looked up from her device and laughed, “A Seahawks beanie with a top knot on it.”

Yep, Lisa is now a Seahawks fan.


Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Some background here. Lisa found out the Seahawks became part of the NFL the year of her birth 1976. That’s the connection for her. It also just happens that the Seahawks play some pretty exciting football.

So now we have ONE full-fledged Seahawks fan in the house. My Co-Host Brian and Lisa are both working on me from both ends. I still bleed red and gold, but have mad respect for what the Hawks do.


All My Best,

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