Like you, I got robbed in 2020. So many things I have missed. So many things I wanted to do but could not. In 2021, I will find a way to make all these happen. Here are the things I missed most in 2020. See if this relates to you.

Live Music

Top of my list by far. I LOVE live music. It feeds my soul. Whether it’s an intimate coffee shop or large arena. My last live show was Luke Combs in January in California right before moving to Yakima. Currently I am getting by with Live concerts on AXS TV, and MTV Live along with my concert DVD’s. Am also enjoying the live music at church on Sundays. I cannot wait to have my first show @ The Gorge.

Live 8 Paris - Stage
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Going To The Gym

I miss hitting the weights. I miss the “burn”. I miss the rush of a good workout. I put on headphones, get in the zone, ignore calls and messages and get to it. It’s not a social experience - it’s an endorphin rush. C’mon Yakima Health Club, we are cheering for you to open back up!

Sit at a Bar Having Interesting Conversations with Complete Strangers

My wife Lisa and I love hanging at bars having random conversations with people. It’s fun and interesting to hear others stories. We had a bit of that over the summer at the Yakima Public House, but it was just a taste. I cannot wait to sit down with you and have a random conversation about life.



I got a new pair of skis, bindings, boots, googles, and helmet – the whole package 6 years ago in Cali at the height of our drought. Guess that’s why I got a good deal. Haven’t used them at all. I cannot wait to hit White Pass soon to break them in!

A Proper Wedding Celebration

How do you celebrate wedding nuptials in the midst of Covid? We asked that question for months. The answer is, you can’t. We cannot wait to officially celebrate our union with friends and family this spring/summer.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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