First off thank you to EVERYONE who participated in our snowman contest! I am curious how they have held up over the weekend so feel free to send us updated pictures. Enough about that biz though I am sure you are ready to know who gets the Burger Broiler hook-up!

Coming in at #3 is

Jose Martinez _ KFFM 3

Jose Martinez!

Coming in at #2 is

Dominique Davis-Mitchell _ KFFM 2

Dominique Davis-Mitchel!

And your #1 coolest snowman in the Valley is

Katrina Silva _ KFFM one

Katrina Silva!

Honorable Mentions go to

Ashley VanBeek _ KFFM

Jeramie Elkins,  Ashlee Vanbeek and Curtis Ironstand

With all this snow there are still plenty of chances to get out there and create even more forts and snow people. You're all winners in my book so congratulations because you ALL are getting gift certificates!

Thank you so much for submitting photos and playing along. Keep it here for even MORE chances for you to win awesome stuff.

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