With the triple-digit temperatures showing no sign of retreat, it could get pretty uncomfortable, even dangerous to be out in the elements for too long. Especially for our homeless community who doesn't have the resources to keep cool. Luckily, there are good people in this world that come through for folks going through a rough time.

According to KIMA, an anonymous donor saw a story they aired about Camp Hope guests only having "portable fans to combat Yakima's excessive heat, at their outdoor shelter." So, the donor made a check for $2000 so that Camp Hope can invest in two new air conditioning units for their guest. How amazing is that?!

Here's what Camp Hope's, Mike Kay, said about the donation:

What a tremendous gift that she gave these folks. Her gift is gonna go very far in making sure that people have a summer that’s survivable for them, and she made it a little bit better for a hundred plus people.

Click here to find out how you can donate to Camp Hope.

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