I love going to the movie theater. It’s all about the super comfy seats, HUGE screen and that delicious popcorn that you cannot replicate at home. Believe me I have tried. Coconut oil anyone?

So when a MAJOR movie studio announced that they are releasing all their movies in 2021 at both theaters and at home viewing at the same time, I start to get a little nervous.

Warner Bros announced today, that they will release ALL of their 2021 Movies in Theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously.

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All 17 films, including the major releases like ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Matrix 4’, will play exclusively on the streaming service for one month before returning to normal theatrical window.

I have been watching this closely over the past few months. I have been wondering if I am going to be able to watch ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on the big screen? Or is it going to be reduced to the “small screen” at home? I am concerned that the movie theater is going the way of the soon to be obsolete DVD format. Or worse – the way of the VCR (Google that for some nostalgic fun).

Is this it? Are we witnessing first hand, the end movie theaters? Can they bounce back?


I say we follow the lead of the fine folks at Yakima’s Orion Theater. They have a good business model of serving adults over 21. They have a bar and serve drinks to patrons in a safe environment that allows them to enjoy a night out. They have been ahead of the curve on service. I truly hope this works out for them and hope they can keep the theater experience alive.

I think they have figured out like a solid plan experience to get people to come back. As soon as they open back up, let’s all plan to be there to support a great art form that may be dying – cause I believe in art CPR.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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