Have you ever seen one of the cable TV shows about Hoarders? Sometimes they're hard to watch, as the hoarding subjects of the interventions are almost always suffering great anxiety, as are the family and friends who are endeavoring to help them.

The 'hanging on' to 'stuff' is perplexing to most of us. How, we ask, can someone think they're ever going to need most of what they're clinging to? The answers are often complex. Now, while most of us aren't hanging onto an inordinate amount of 'stuff' for years and years, many do have a few items that have seemed to find their way from our childhood unto our adulthood and in many cases, while we have no plans for such items, we have no plan to let loose of them either.

In pondering this, I took a personal inventory and came up with a few items that, while they served their purpose at one time or another, don't have a current place in my day to day life. See if you have some similar items from when you were a kid:

Brian Stephenson

Alright, I'm showing my age here but this was my lunchbox from first grade. This was 1968 and 'Gentle Ben' was a popular TV Show. About 20 years ago, I had someone offer me $200 for this (even without the thermos, which was broken in 1968). I should have taken it - since today on E-Bay they're selling for about $50. Why do I still have it? I don't know. But one reason could be my name is written inside - in my Mother's handwriting. How could I get rid of that, huh?

Brian Stephenson

This is a SHARP TRI-MATE multi-function, boom box, radio, cassette, shortwave, TV, thingy. It's from 1978 and was really cool in high school. Everything actually still works. But, TV is all digital now, so that's a bust. And who has cassettes anymore? I may even have to explain to you what a cassette is?

Brian Stephenson

This is a boxing glove (MacGregor brand). I used these to pummel all-comers as a kid. But one day, in the late 90's, I had a chance to meet former heavyweight champion 'Smokin' Joe Frazier. He autographed this glove. So, this makes sense to hang onto I guess. But why did I still have it when I was 35? I dunno. Glad I did though. Because the ink would have washed off of my fist by now.

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