One of the newest crazes around the country is Axe-Throwing, no people aren't running out into the woods trying to hurl axes at each other. It's a fun new sport or bar game almost like darts. The goal is to throw the small axe using both hands and hurling it at a wooden target.

5 places you can become an axe-throwing champion or just hone your axe-throwing skills like the Vikings and lumberjacks before us. We'll take a look in Western Washington to start and move right here into Eastern Washington.

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5.) Bullseye Lane Axe Throwing in Tacoma

If you're in Western Washington or spend a good amount of time in Tacoma this is the place for you to hone those skills of chucking an axe clear across the room and nailing the target. Bullseye Lane is open Thursday through Sunday with varying hours depending on the day.

4.) Blade and Timber in Seattle 

With over 18 lanes of axe-throwing Blade and Timber is one of the larger axe-throwing centers in Washington. Wanna throw alone that's just fine, wanna get a big group together for a birthday or just a fun night out, they have the size able to accommodate that. Bring the whole crew of Vikings along for the ride and see who the best axe thrower is among you.

3.) Axe Bliss Axe Throwing in Wenatchee 

Living on the East Side of Washington people will have you believe that there's nothing to do over here, but we know better, even Wenatchee has its own Axe Throwing place. Come and hone your skills even try double axe throwing, just be sure to be safe. You can even grab a drink while you here to really loosen up those throwing arms.

2.) Hop Capital Brewing

Not only do they have some of the most delicious brews in the Yakima Valley, but they also have their own Axe Throwing lanes for people to be able to have a drink and maybe try something new. If you fall in love with it you're more than welcome to come back and keep practicing.

1.) Tactical Tag Elite Arena on 

The perfect place to test your skills or pick up the new hobby of axe-throwing. Tactical Tag Elite also hosts birthday parties and gathering with plenty of fun to be had on their Lazer Tag court, Tactical Tag, and Axe-Throwing. Not only is this a great place for getting into axe-throwing, it's a great place in general to bring the kids and have fun for the whole family.

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