Growing up in Washington there are a lot of silent rules, more so once you're in the Yakima Valley. It's not that people will hurt you or say something, but boy, will they judge you for it. So we wanted to make a list of phrases and words you should probably avoid saying once you live here.

If you already live here there's a good chance some of these things will make you cringe or funnier yet give you a good laugh. No these aren't the kind of phrases that could land you in hot water or get someone else in trouble, just phrases that will turn heads if anyone nearby hears them.

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5.) I miss Russel Wilson.

Look we get it, we all loved Russel Wilson, but at this point, it's time to rebuild the team into something better. Was Russel a rock for us? One million percent, however, you can't get hung up on the past, a good amount of Seahawks fans are ready to see what we do in the future, even if we have a crappy year.

4.) Did you grab the Umbrella?

Look we get it, it rains a lot in western Washington, but we're not in Western Washington, most of the year we're dealing with the sun and when we do get rain it never calls for an umbrella, our Washington pride won't let us.

3.) I only like Imported Beer.

If this ever comes out of your mouth, how dare you. We have some of the most delicious beers brewed locally right here in the Yakima Valley. Do yourself a favor and head over to any local bar and ask for something local on tap, then thank us later.

2.) I'm more of a 49ers fan. 

First off, how dare you second, 49ers haven't been good since 95, more than likely you don't even remember them winning that super bowl ring let alone seeing them play well. Sorry, that's the die-hard Seahawks fan in us.

1.) Seattle is the best Washington has to offer. 

This is beyond laughable, not to mention completely wrong, we'd rather spend a night in hilltop Tacoma than live in Seattle. We're not hating on Seattle, but it's overcrowded, traffic is terrible and the city has let the homeless situation get out of control. Maybe it's the slower lifestyle in eastern Washington we love so much, all we know is we wouldn't give it up for the world. Plus we produce way more produce and fresh food than Seattle ever could.

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