February is right around the corner and many people will be looking for love and some in all the wrong places as Valentines Day approaches.
The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission say beware of romance scams that capture your interest and your heart and then take your money. Many people in Yakima and across the nation have been victims of the scams that have taken millions of dollars from Americans. Many romance scams start on sites that are designed to entice people looking for romance.

The BBB says beware of the dating sites that are popular at this time of year. Information from the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel Network people reported losing $201 million in 2019 in romance scams up almost 40% since 2018. The BBB and FTC say the scammers prey on people who are looking for love turning what feels like a new relationship into an ask for money to help the scammer with some made up crisis. FTC officials say they received more than 25,000 complaints in 2019 from consumers concerning romance scams.
BBB officials say for every one scam that's reported more than 40 go unreported but they say the number is even higher when it comes to romance scams.
They say always beware and know the site you are dealing with. Beware of the information you place on a romance site and know it can lead to identity theft.
Yakima Police say Before you enter your information check out the dating site at bbb.org
You can learn more about consumer topics and file a consumer complaint online or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357).

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