Looking over the last time we had a  shutdown, we weren't ready. Items flew off the shelves as hoarders layer waste to local grocery stores. Yakima Valley couldn't stock toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or even medical masks without fights erupting over goods.

Now over a year and a half in we're much more wise with what to do and what not to do. Wether we get shut down or stay opened up it's important to be vigilant and aware of what's happening. So far it doesn't seem like we'll be shut down but we've heard that before.

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Wether or not we get locked down there's important things to be aware of when it comes to the Omicron Variant. Covid has mutated and changed since it first caused a world wide shut down. Officials have come out and stated if you're vaccinated and getting the boosters you should be more than safe. It doesn't mean you can't catch it, transmit it or get ill from it but it gives you a better chance at fighting it.

That being said talks of a shutdown are circling around, but higher up officials believe we're ready to take this on without a shut down.

However we don't know what the future will hold, so let's take a look back at past mistakes and make sure we're ready for the future.

Hoarding Materials and necessities

The first wave of covid and shut downs prompted people to go into panic. Toilet paper was flying off the shelves faster than you can flush a toilet. The important thing to remember is not to overbuy anything. Taking away the necessities we all need doesn't help anyone including yourself. When shopping only take what you need and leave the rest for other families so they can take care of their loved ones.

Mask Up

A phrase we've all come to hate in 2020 is still with us in 2021, but masking up could be the difference of you staying healthy or ending up contracting the new omicron variant that we still know little about. You don't have to keep the mask on 24/7 but wearing it around strangers and people who you rarely come in contact with can be a huge game changer.

Getting Vaccinated

No one here is demanding you get vaccinated, but it is a good way to combat covid-19 and the variants that follow, giving you or someone you love the extra boost in your immune system to help fight back against the virus could save you a trip to the hospital.

If you or someone you know is looking to get vaccinated follow the link below to see places offering the covid vaccine near you.

Covid Vaccines Near Me

Home Schooling

Being prepared for home schooling was something none of us was ready for, but of course being humans we learn to adapt and overcome. So this time around make a plan for your kids and be at the ready for them to have to stay home. Thankfully school districts and even the government has stated they don't think this will be necessary but being prepared could make a world of difference to you and your kiddo.

Washing Your Hands

The biggest combatant of transferring and contracting disease is keeping your hands clean. You can do this by carrying around hand sanitizer or simply washing your hands any chance you get. Officials say to truly clean your hands you want to wash them with water and soap for about 20 second, one way to help you keep the time is by singing happy Birthday twice. I honestly just sing whatever stuck in my head, never gonna give you up works as well.

Staying in Contact with family

We learned a lot in 2020 while trying to stay in touch with our loved ones. Family members in nursing homes were pretty much cut off from the rest of the world in order to keep them safe. Now in 2021 we know how important it is to maintain contact with those we love. Doctors advise you to use zoom, FaceTime, video calling any way possible of staying in touch virtually with loved ones. they also advise that if you will be seeing someone who could be high risk for covid to keep your social distance of 6feet and to wear your mask at all times to keep them safe.

Get tested

If you or someone in you've been in contact with thinks they may have been exposed to covid or the omicron variant, you need to get tested to stay safe and keep others around you safe. Thankfully Yakima has multiple locations for you to get tested including the testing sight at Yakima Valley College which has decided to stay open longer than originally planned to help keep everyone safe. You can set up an appointment today by following the link below.

Get Tested for Covid-19 and the Omicron variant.

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