The mask mandate has finally been taken away and Washingtonians have a choice whether or not they want to wear them.

When you see someone wearing a mask think about the fact that they may have someone close to them with health risks, or they themself could be at risk.

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5.) Traveling around the Pacific Northwest

While traveling around the state it may be helpful to have a mask on hand in case you come across someone sick or have to go into a building that requires a mask. Tho the mandate has been lifted some businesses will still require you to wear them.

4.) You're Sick or suffering from a small cold

The rules still apply that if you're sick you should wear a mask when going out. Tho you may think you just have a cold or a typical sickness wearing a mask can help protect others from getting it. Stopping the transmission of any sickness can be helped by wearing a mask.

3.) Being around Elderly People 

Tho you have no symptoms and more than likely may not have covid it can't hurt to cover up just in case. Elderly people even if vaccinated more than likely have a weaker immune system, whereas most people who are younger are due to make a full recovery after having covid an older person may not be as lucky.

2.) Traveling by Plane with Recycled air

Some people may get a false negative when carrying covid 19, the risk becomes higher when you're in a metal tube with nothing but recycled oxygen flowing thru the plane. One person could expose over a hundred people. Wearing a mask may be a good enough defense to help you avoid the disease.

1.) Visiting Newborn Babies

Unless you're immediate family or have been around the family in the old term "Bubble" you should wear a mask. Babbies' immune systems are pretty much nonexistent. Tho Babies can fight covid and get better it can be departmental, to their growth causing long term side effects.


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