This is a true story.

The last Wednesday of every month, for some reason, school gets out early. It seems that the local schools love their half-days. I wish we had as many half-days as schools do now, but I can't help that.

Since my kid was home early and my other was just hanging out I figured we could grab lunch as a 'for no reason/why not' kind of spontaneous thing to do.

We actually decided on The Pub which is one of my favorite places in Yakima at Glenwood Square, but on our way to The Pub they saw Zesta Cucina and figured, though we were severely underdressed for a place like Zesta, we'd hit that place up instead.

We'll do The Pub next time.

This time, though, amazing pasta, warm bread, and fancy desserts were in our future.

I was trying to find something to order that I can't just get anywhere. Sure, they have amazing fish and chips which I was already in the mood for, but, again, I could order that anywhere. What could I order that's not as common and something I don't want to make at home.

That's when I saw the scallops on the menu.

Where can you order amazing scallops in Yakima?

Not just any scallops, Fresh Alaskan Scallops, as they're titled.

jumbo fresh scallops, roasted asparagus, Dungeness crab risotto with green peas, blood orange beurre-blanc, bacon relish

I'm not as experienced with scallops as most people who love seafood, but I'm here to say these are the best scallops I've ever had in my life, and I've had some random place in Seattle known for amazing seafood. These were gigantic. Bigger than any I've seen at local stores to make at home.

I was even in Alaska a few years ago and, though these scallops are from Alaska, they're the best right here in Yakima at Zesta Cucina.

And as much as I loved the scallops, I have to admit that the Dungeness crab risotto may have been an even bigger highlight for me.

Everything was a compliment to everything else on the plate.

If you don't know what to do for dinner or even lunch like we did, try it sometime. You won't be disappointed. See other places in Washington where you can find delicious scallops, like Marzano's in Tacoma and Sulla Vita in Leavenworth!

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