I do love a buffet.
Though I rarely get my money's worth at a buffet as I can't eat like I used to, I still enjoy a buffet for the variety of options.

And they're just fun.

But, through process of elimination, where do you think the best buffet is in Washington State?

Where is the best buffet in Washington State?

According to Reader's Digest, you'll find the best buffet in Seattle.
Of course it's Seattle.
It's almost always Seattle.

Reader's Digest says Araya's Place is the best best buffet in all of Washington State.

Let's take a look.

Reader's Digest says you'll be pleasantly surprised when talking about how tasty the lunch buffet is.
They say Araya's Place is a vegan restaurant complete with soups, noodles, curries, and other Thai food.
So good to the point where non-vegan people eat there often.

I mean, I'm not vegan, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy vegan foods. There are plenty of vegan options I would opt for. Never on purpose for the sake of eating vegan, but still.

Araya's Place only does a lunch buffet. They are open for dinner but that's when you're ordering individual items off the full menu.

I think the prices are very reasonable, too. They're asking $15.99 for a lunch buffet. I could see paying that for a buffet at many places, especially around Seattle.

The next time you find yourself in Seattle in the U District you can find Araya's Place on University Way between 52nd and 55th street.

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