Whenever anywhere in the Pacific Northwest makes the cut for top 10 of anything awesome, it's always worth celebrating.

Recently timeout.com listed the best parks in the United States and Oregon was the only state in the Northwest that made it to the top 10.

I have issue with this as, though I agree with the Oregon park that did make the list, we have so many great state parks in Washington State, especially near the Olympic Peninsula that didn't make the cut? Interesting.

Ecola State Park in Oregon and worth visiting, for sure.

Even if you've never been to this coastal state park between Seaside and Cannon Beach, you may have seen it in movies. It's a great location for film and moves like The Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Twilight... all have used Ecola State Park as a backdrop for some iconic scenes.

The area itself is pretty neat, too. You can see the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse which is a lighthouse on a small rock island in the water, a great view of Haystack Rock which is that giant rock at Cannon Beach and, I mean, it's Oregon -- it's just cool.

Other state parks that made the list include areas in Utah, Texas, Alaska, and a few others with the number one spot going to Florida for some reason. I'll take Oregon any day.

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