Portland is a foodie's paradise. So many great food trucks everywhere you go. They also have a lot of options when it comes to food so you're not just stuck with burgers and pizza every night.

And, if you're really into burgers and pizza, nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of options for those as well.

With an area as big as the Portland area as well, and where it's located, you know there is bound to some some great food options.

Portland's mantra is Keep Oregon Weird. You may even see this phrase that you see as tall as billboards and as local as t-shirts around town, but you might even find that in some of the food you're eating.

Weird doesn't mean bad or odd, but unique may be a better word. It gives more opportunity for food options.

With the economy being what it is, the Portland community came together on Reddit to mention some of the best places to grab food on a tight budget.

Here are several options next time you find yourself craving anything on the cheap.

Life of Pie

808 Grinds

Big's Chicken

Acropolis Steakhouse

Mole Mole

Best Baguette

Bui's Natural Tofu

King Burrito

Pizzaria Otto

Pizza Creature

There are several more on the list as well. Check out the Reddit thread to see what else is available in the Portland area.

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