I quit smoking cigarettes four years ago, so I am an avid vaper. I went to a local vape shop yesterday (I will NOT say which one!) and bought myself a new vape juice to try. It's called "Bad Drip". When I got home from the store, I noticed that there was a picture of freshly convicted Bill Cosby* on the side of the label. That made my jaw drop, literally figuratively DROP.

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First of all, I must stress that the vape e-juice is NOT owned by Bill Cosby, it just has him on the label. Likely, Bad Drip thought it would be simply hilarious (where is the sarcasm font when you need it) to poke fun at Cosby's allegedly date rape pill accusations. Yoooooo! I don't find that funny. At. All. Bro.

The local store owner obviously has not noticed the product's label (there are, after all, hundreds of vape e-juice brands in their store), so it is up to me to bring it to their attention. As a customer (and as a woman, hello!), I have an obligation to let the owners and e-juice company know how sickened to my stomach seeing that pic made me feel, especially since Cosby was recently convicted of being a sexually violent offender.

I would like Bad Drip to discontinue placing that label on any more of their products. They can just change the picture on the label; it's not that hard to do!

I'm not even sure if I want to make a big stink about this. I'm still wrestling with what to do. I haven't decided whether to simply return the product and get a different brand (the logical choice), or keep the product (illogical choice).

Should I hop on Twitter to be real petty or do I just return the e-juice to the store and let the owners know it is in bad taste to sell this product in Yakima?

You tell me; am I over-reacting?



*Disclaimer: My father's side of the Cosby family is from Pulaski, Tennessee and Bill Cosby's family hails from Virginia and Pennsylvania. I have confirmed that we likely have distant relatives in common.

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