Local officials and those who deal directly with the homeless are hoping for passage of a proposal in Olympia that could help decrease homelessness across the state.
State lawmakers say housing and homelessness has reached crisis levels in Washington state.

Studies have shown a majority of homeless have mental and other problems

Research has shown that over 70% of the people who are chronically homeless struggle with a serious health condition, including mental illness, substance use disorder, or significant physical disability, which prevents them from gaining housing. Representative Frank Chopp from the 43rd Legislative District says to answer that challenge lawmakers held numerous policy development and workgroup meetings over the past six months, with over 220 stakeholders and advocates.

Chopp says it's time to treat homelessness like a medical condition

"The result of that work is HB 1866, the Apple Health and Homes Act, which Chopp says will treat chronic homelessness like the medical condition it is."
The bill has received support from 27 House co-sponsors, and it will be heard on January 20th in the House Health Care & Wellness Committee.
Lee Murdock - Director - Homeless Network of Yakima County is urging his members to rally for the bill and sign up for the January 20th in the House Health Care & Wellness Committee meeting.

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