Raptor House in Selah, which is a birds of prey rehabilitation center, brought some friends to our studio this morning. Patriot is a Bald Eagle and Digger is a Burrowing Owl they are just 2 of the many birds at the Raptor House.

Marsha and Shannon Dalan take in injured, sick or orphaned birds of prey. The birds receive care from local veterinarians who donate their services. The goal is to rehabilitate them in order to release them back to the wild where they were found.

Jackson and Shaylee loved visiting the Raptor House and remembered detail information they where taught about each bird.

What a great summer activity to take your family to the Raptor House! It's fun and educational.

They are open the last Saturday of the month from 10am to 3pm or you can give them a call for a private tour. It's $6.00 for admission, but that helps support the Raptor House. They run on donations and are non profit.

If you need more info or how to get to the Raptor House visit their website at www.raptorhouse.org.