Holy cow! We reported it yesterday. The National Weather Service office for our region in Pendleton, OR was signalling the likelihood of rain, thundershowers and thunderstorms with lightening possible. In case you missed it, those predictions came true in a BIG WAY last night in the Yakima Valley!

Photo by Jeff Brown

Local photographer, Jeff Brown, captured some really amazing pictures of last night's light show - and he's posted a few of them on a local Facebook Group many of us are a part of - Yakima Is Beautiful. With his permission, I'm sharing a few here.

Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist or even suspicious by nature. But I like to think of myself as 'open minded'. Are you seeing what I'm seeing in some of these photos?

Photo by Jeff Brown

Ferocious lightening strike. Yes. But, what about that little red 'thing' in the upper right area? Is it flying? Is it an object? Is it unidentified? If so, by definition, it's a UFO.

Photo by Jeff Brown

These three photos each had the 'UFO' visible. Apart from the spectacle of the powerful lightening storm, which was a display completely fascinating in and of itself, I can't help but wonder what that little red 'thing' is?

This picture is a 'reflection' according to Jeff. I'd call it 'too close for comfort'.

Photo by Jeff Brown

Thanks again to Jeff Brown for saying 'sure' when I asked if we could share his photographs. You can see numerous shots of Mother Nature's Fireworks Display from last night - on the Facebook Page YAKIMA IS BEAUTIFUL. You really should join if you haven't already.

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