I was watching one of those food documentaries on Netflix. I couldn't tell you which one because there are a thousand of them all with similar names. In the show they were covering different food trucks from different towns including Portland, Oregon. The more I was watching, the more I was realizing Yakima has a decent food truck selection when you can find them pop up at local events or taprooms or where ever they may happen to be. I like what we have but wouldn't mind seeing these ideas in a food truck as well right here in our town.

C'mon, are you kidding me? A place that delivers hot, fresh doughnuts to you or your office. Straight from the frier to your mouth, I think there's a good market for something like this. Absolutely include churros as well.

BBQ Bites
I'm talking just a few ribs or a slider or three. Doesn't even need to have a full plate option, just a quick bite or two is all that's needed to make something like this people follow them to all their locations.

Have you noticed we don't have a lot of Italian cuisine options in our town? What if we had a truck that offered a small boat of spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna? I'd be down for this for sure.

Pizza by the Slice
To be fair, we may already have this but it doesn't come to mind. I'm talking those giant, New York-style slices of pizza where one is basically all you need. Large, flat, foldable. Still a little crispy under the crust, perfect sauce to cheese ratio, it doesn't get much better. And, I mean, c'mon, everyone loves pizza.

Fair Food
One of the draws of any fair is the food. What if we had a food truck that did nothing but fair classics like foot-long corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy - I bet people would look out for it. Especially when it's not fair season.

What ideas would you like to see? Sound off on our Facebook post or message us via the app.

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