Wanna get Watershed tickets before they even go on sale? Then climb in and watch ...

Since last week, Michele Mathews and Rik Mikals from 92.9 The Bull have been playing "Lip-Sync Bull Car-aoke" -- and a pair of tickets to the 2017 Watershed Music Festival are riding on it.

Here's how it works: Watch the video above, then enter your guess as to the song title and artist name on the form below. If you get both right and we draw your name, you're on your way the Gorge Amphitheatre to see nearly 20 of country's hottest acts this July 28-30! Tickets don't go up until Wednesday (Feb. 15).

You have until 6 a.m. Wednesday to enter your guess -- we'll announce the final winner during Wednesday's Morning Bull Pen.

Good luck!

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