Concert Goers Will Need To Be Vaccinated Before Going To Shows
As soon as we thought we may be in the clear to get back to normal another setback comes. Vaccinations will be mandatory depending on what venue you go to. Other venues may ask either you be vaccinated or at least be wearing a mask. However, you feel local businesses and venues have to oblige by the government mandates. Thi...
The Shocking Revelation of Fun With The Turkey Baster For Money!
Someone has finally done it! A very astute listener of 92.9 The BULL has cracked the code, using all of the bonus clues available at the Cashmere Valley Bank drive-thru locations, and possessed the lucky hand to become caller #9 Friday morning to correctly identify the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound and grab $625...
12 Tips To Survive Watershed This Weekend
The 8th annual Watershed Country Music Festival happens this weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater in George Washington. The Grant County Sheriffs department is offering up 12 tips to make this an epic event and encourage you to have a 'Shedder Buddy'

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