Someone has finally done it! A very astute listener of 92.9 The BULL has cracked the code, using all of the bonus clues available at the Cashmere Valley Bank drive-thru locations, and possessed the lucky hand to become caller #9 Friday morning to correctly identify the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound and grab $625!

Congrats going out to Wanda Jones of Yakima, she was the wise-owl who knew that as much as that Secret Sound reminded her of the sound a Turkey makes, or a close facsimile, she pieced the puzzle together and correctly identified the sound as being made by 'A Turkey Baster'.

Now, that's not what a turkey baster sounds like, automatically, per se. We'll let you in on how JimShow found this delightfully difficult-to-identify sound. Jim was perusing YouTube looking for ideas. He stumbled upon a video of a husband having a good laugh at what his wife was able to get their turkey baster to sound like, as she squeezed it rapidly over the sink!  Check out the video 'Fun With The Turkey Baster'.

Not only did the couple have a good chuckle over how much her baster manipulation resulted in a turkey-sound-a-like, so have the 522 (and counting) other poor schmoes who've watched the video.

So, once again, congratulations to Wanda Jones of Yakima for playing the game to the fullest and picking up some extra Christmas Cash to the tune of $625! There will be a new sound revealed Monday morning on the JimShow at 8:30 - when someone will have a chance to win $25. Remember, the jackpot grows by $25 each weekday until someone cashes in!

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