It was a crisp, pleasant Sunday morning, as I began my pre-game preparation for the Seahawks game to begin. Breakfast had been cooked and consumed, dishes were done, the couch pillows fluffed, the Television warmed-up and finally, the last element to the before-the-game-ritual.

I put on my Seahawks #54 Bobby Wagner Game Jersey. However, there was a problem. Either Bobby is a lot smaller than I'd imagined or, I had gained a little weight since last season. It was too tight to wear. That is if I wanted to be able to move my arms or breathe.

Yes, I discovered that I had apparently succumbed to the dreaded 'Quarantine 15'. Now, in the interest of being honest with myself and you, I have to say that I didn't have much margin for error, to begin with. I had 100 lbs. to lose. Well, now I have 115 to shed.

Screenshot via YouTube #funnypetvideos #funnydogs #animals
Screenshot via YouTube #funnypetvideos #funnydogs #animals

This funny 'Fat Cat' picture doesn't specifically accomplish anything but I sure do like funny cat pictures. Come to think of it, his expression resembles my feelings exactly.

Some estimates say that the 'weight loss industry' rakes in roughly $75 Billion Dollars. There are an estimated 50 million Americans on a 'diet' at any given time. If you've ever battled 'the bulge' you know how frustrating and difficult it can be.

There are apps out there that help you keep yourself on track. There is no shortage of 'breakthrough diet plans' that everybody swears by or swears at - when they don't work. Could it be that the good-old-fashioned eat less and move around more concept is best? Isn't it really about calorie deficit and burning more than you take in? Boring but making disciplined, healthy food and exercise choices may ultimately be what the Doctor ordered. He also muttered something about fewer cigars and less scotch.

Baby steps.

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