The good people at Oreo are going insane again. Every so often they come out with a new limited edition flavor to have on shelves for a month or so.

Yeah, just long enough to get people talking about it, then move on with their life.

And, in some cases, they'll make a new flavor that you'll fall in love with only to have it ripped from your hands and away from stores, usually forever but there's always the chance it'll come back.

This May 6th you'll find this very interested cross collaboration between Oreo and the extremely popular Sour Patch Kids.

Before you knock it before you try it, I honestly think this could work.

A few years ago they made an Oreo flavored with Swedish Fish-flavored filling. I didn't think they were terrible.

Where Can You Find Sour Patch Kids Oreos in Washington

These are slated to hit every grocery store. Walmart, Safeway, Target... just about anywhere should have them.

I mean, I still enjoy just the basic, default Oreo-flavored Oreo cookie more than anything else. And the thin ones are great, too. But Sour Patch Kids? I guess we'll have to wait and see, but we won't have to wait too long.

These are the vanilla Oreos. Chocolate cookies would probably be a little weird.

However, if they made one that was like a chocolate-covered gummy bear using the chocolate Oreos, that would work. I love those.

These are pending to have a sweet, yet sour taste. Wouldn't be Sour Patch Kids without the sour hit. I'm curious to try them when they're released in stores May 6th, 2024.

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