Watershed is undoubtedly one of the most significant Country music events of the year, taking place during the summer in beautiful George Washington. Year after Year it sells out and makes for a festival people will talk about for the rest of their lives.

If you plan on going, take a note from past Watershed attendees and be ready for what's to come. With the summer heat, lack of shade, and being on your feet all day you'll want a plan so you can last.

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5.) Comfortable Shoes

The biggest mistake I see year after year at Watershed are the shoes people choose to wear. People will rock open toed shoes, cowboy boots, even lifts. These are all huge mistakes in hindsight, you're gonna be walking one, dirt, gravel, concrete and grass. Wearing Boots or heels is going to absolutely destroy your feet. Think about it, the only time you see cowboys, real cowboys, wearing boots are when they're working, if you're going to be on your feet for long periods of time or running back and forth to different stages and back to the beer garden you're gonna wish you had some comfy shoes on.

4.) Sunscreen Lotion

The Gorge is located in beautiful George Washington, during the summer it hits record numbers in heat. Spending all day in the sun watching your favorite country stars sounds like a great time, until you get home looking like a lobster. So do yourself a favor and pack that sunscreen lotion, even more important remember to apply it.

3.) Reusable Water Bottle 

Passing out from dehydration or even heat exhaustion is a real thing, so much so that it's happened at water shed and other events at the gorge, so they've put in multiple hydration stations where you can grab water or even refill your bottles. Do yourself a favor, even if you're drinking go grab a bottle of water and rehydrate any chance you get. It also helps with hangovers, just a friendly reminder.

2.) Phone Battery Pack

The last thing you want is to miss pics and videos of your favorite country star or headliner. By the end of the day your phone battery has been zapped from being used and being out in the summer heat. So make sure to have a back up battery pack fully charged and ready to go to make sure you capture all the memories you want.

1.) Air Mattress 

If you're staying the night on the camping grounds you're gonna want to be prepared to try and get a good nights rest. Sure you'll do some partying with the other Shedders but to make sure you're not completely exhausted the next day it's important to get a good nights rest. Speaking from experience it's unlikely to get that rest sleeping on the ground or even in your car. Luckily they make airmatresses with car charging air pumps that you can toss in your back seat or into a tent. The air matress with give you that comfy night sleep away from your bed that you wouldn't get on the ground or in the back seat of your car.

If you think we missed anything make sure to tap the app and send us a message so we can add to the list!


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