Five Simple Life Hacks For The Yakima Heat!
I'm not gonna lie, when people said it was hot here I thought they were over exaggerating. They may still be, from what I'm told this heatwave is extremely uncommon for Yakima let alone Washington State.
Sadly for me, I've got a broken air conditioner and a bunch of fans, lucky for you…
Water Outage
The joy of irrigation always brings the occasional hiccup in the first few months of the year.
The City Of Prosser is reporting an irrigation outage on some city streets. You can check out list below to see if you are affected by the outage.
A place to chill
I really do not like driving in snow. But I admit it, the snow is really cool looking and fun to play in. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is ice fish. A lake that is just outside of Yakima is perfect for it. What is even more cool about the lake is, most people do not even go there dur…
Heavy Rain Damages Highway 12 Over White Pass
Crews from the Washington State Department of Transportation are busy assessing damage on US Highway 12 from Naches to Packwood after the rain caused a washout of the road on the West side and rocks and debris blocked the road on the East side of the pass...

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