According to WA State Park Rangers, our state's beaches are actually considered highways. Who knew?

  Don't slam on the brakes when driving on the beach...

KIRO Radio in Seattle released some tips about how to properly drive on Washington's coastline beaches, whether it's Long Beach of Seaview or anywhere else.

 KIRO spoke with Washington State Park Ranger David Linthahkan, and he said the state's driveable beaches are actually considered part of the state highway system. The vast majority have speed limits of 25 MPHD.

The Ranger said don't drive where the sand is shiny because it's wet and you can get stuck. Don't slam on the brakes, instead, let your vehicle coast to slow down, and it will quickly slow in the sand.  If you slam on the brakes, you can pile up a dome of sand in front of your front wheels, and that doesn't help anyone.

Don't hotdog such as doing donuts, because the sand is unpredictable and ruts can suddenly throw you sideways or over.

And, don't take a front-wheel-drive vehicle onto the beach, or at least too far---Linthahkan says "you will get stuck."

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And when it comes to parking, be courteous and don't expect a parked vehicle to move for you.

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