So last week, my 12 year-old niece Kylie approached her mom with the best idea since the wheel - she wanted to buy a tent.

Wait..     ... WHAT?!? A TENT?!?

Tent 5

Her mom, my sister said "Sure, why not." Kylie had been saving for some headphones, so she had the $99 to buy it.  Kylie said she was tired of being in the house and wanted to experience the "Tent Life". So they ordered a 10 person tent from Ebay.

Tent 4

My sister reminded Kylie that the tent probably won't be as nice as the picture and explains that with Covid it might not get her on Thursday. TWO Days later it shows up. It took about an hour to set her new home up in their backyard.

Tent 3

Kylie got permission to put in a small space heater, an air mattress and she ran an extension cord from the house to tent so she can charge her devices! Kylie said it's SUPER comfortable inside the tent. My sister says it has been the best thing ever! Kylie spends spend 12-16 hours a day in the tent with her friends and they spend the night in it as well.

Tent 1

They have moved in. My sister and husband now have that much coveted quiet time back along with the entire house to themselves and so much peace and quiet! My sister says it was worth every penny and the kids aren't complaining about quarantine anymore!

She says they may keep the tent up after 'Rona is over. Her husband says he is buying one to turn into an "office."

Take some of that stimulus money and get a tent! Worth it!!

A tent a COVID game changer? Yes!!

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