There's no better feeling than having a best friend that sleeps over all the time, eats your food, and likes to snuggle. Especially when It's your dog, we're talking about your fur babies. The only setback is having to clean up after them or going on walks when you're beyond exhausted.

However, you can't just say no, when they have to handle their business you have to take them out. So we became curious when walking your dog is it okay to let them do their business anywhere? Neighbors' yards, schools, parks, you name it. Is it legal to let your dog go number two on other properties?

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Is It Legal to Let your Dog Poop at a school?

Funny enough it turns out a lot of these rules are up to the schools in question, but usually they don't mind if you take your dog for a walk around the fields or schoolyard, you just have to clean up after them, so pack some poop bags.

Is It Legal to Let your Dog Poop at local Parks?

Some parks don't let dogs in certain areas, others are strictly no dogs allowed, those you'll have to abide by. However, in parks that do allow dogs, you're free to let your dog do their business where they want, hopefully just not on someone's picnic, all you're asked of is to pick it up and toss it in the trash.

Is It Legal to Let your Dog Poop at your Neighbors?

If your dog takes a number 2 in your neighbor's yard it could end in some serious issues, granted it's not illegal to let your dog go in their yard it is illegal to not pick it up just like above. At any point, if your neighbor asks you to not let your dog onto their property that is considered trespassing and they may be able to take it into their own hands if they feel threatened by you or your animal. Again no, it's not illegal, it is illegal to not pick it up, and can result in a fine of up to $250 for every violation.

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