While all eyes in the Marvel universe are on 'Guardians of the Galaxy' at the moment (and rightfully so), the other critically-praised and super-successful Marvel movie from this year - 'Captain America 2' - is making its way to DVD and Blu-ray in September. To help promote that release, today we have two never-before-seen deleted scenes from the film.

There's nothing Earth-shattering in these clips - Adam Warlock doesn't break free from his cocoon and ride Captain Marvel into battle against Thanos - but they're actually interesting in a way that they're not total wastes. Most of the time with deleted scenes, it's tedious and you can very much see why they were cut from the film.

Deleted scene #1 (seen above), is a tense face-off between Maria Hill and Hydra mole Jasper Sitwell. The two are feeling each other out and exerting their power and will over other in a very 'Game of Thrones'-ian way. It's not entirely necessary to move the plot forward, but it is interesting to watch play out.

Deleted scene #2 (seen below), doesn't offer up a ton, but does look to feature an expensive car chase as S.H.I.E.L.D. works to track down Captain America. You can also see where exactly it fits into the movie and why it was shot. We also feel bad for all the teen extras in the basketball shot who were excited to be in a Captain America movie, only to be left on the cutting room floor.

The ‘Captain America 2′ disc will be available in a 3D Blu-ray combo pack (which includes a copy of the movie on 3-D Blu-ray, a regular Blu-ray disc and a digital copy of the film that you can download via iTunes), standard Blu-ray and single-disc DVD.
As is par for the course for the Marvel DVDs, there will be a ton of special features, including making-of featurettes, an audio commentary with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, deleted scenes, bloopers, and much more.

What there won't be is one of the Marvel One-Shot short films, which for reasons known only to Marvel, was left off this particular DVD release.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' hits DVD and Blu-ray on September 9.

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