Carrie Underwood turned to social media on Saturday (June 20) to share a picture of herself in a swimsuit to celebrate the first day of summer, but the most eye-catching thing about the photo is her jaw-dropping closet, which is shown in the background.

Underwood is wearing a modest two-piece black-and-white swimsuit in the picture, a selection from her Calia by Carrie apparel line. While it definitely shows off all the time that she devoted to working out, it's hard not to direct your attention to the closet she's standing in, which is hard to believe.

Underwood's closet is too large for the picture to show the whole thing, but from you can see, it appears to be at least the size of a normal master suite, and it also has high ceilings, with clothes going all the way up and a librarian's ladder to access the upper shelves.

The closet also features beautiful hardwood floors and double doors, but perhaps the most enviable feature is a washer and dryer that are located directly out in the middle, with plenty of room to walk around them and access the various hangers and shelves, leaving no need to carry clothes from another part of the house.

It's a rare glimpse into Underwood's "forever home," which she and husband Mike Fisher moved into in 2018 after planning and building it for several years. Fans catch an occasional glimpse of the interior in social media posts. Underwood has filmed a PSA and an at-home appearance on the ACM Presents: Our Country special in April from the house, but since they built it from scratch and it was never on the market, no detailed pictures exist online.

Pictures do exist of Underwood and Fisher's previous mansion, which they sold after moving. That, too, had a spectacular closet that was actually two stories, but the current closet looks far better laid out and brighter.

Before marrying Fisher, Underwood bought her first home in Nashville right after winning American Idol in 2005, using part of her reported million-dollar winnings.

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