YIKES!! This was a bad day for the driver of a cement truck in Yakima after the front left tire of the truck came off, the driver lost control and the cement carrier "crossed both lanes of traffic and the cable barrier, and wound up on its side in the eastbound lanes near the Yakima Avenue exit [...] blocking both lanes. Troopers were on the scene of a crash at about 10 a.m. and luckily no other vehicles were involved in the crash.

According to KIMA, the driver did suffer a shoulder injury in the accident, but is expected to be OK. Washington State Department of Transportation was working hard to shovel off the cement and get the truck upright and off the road. Traffic, fortunately, was still able to get by on the right shoulder. I feel like this falls in the worst-possible-things-that-can-spill-on-the-freeway category. That and beer/wine...because that would just be a total bummer.

Cement mixer truck
Credit: aguirre_mar | ThinkStock

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