The Central Washington State Fair kicks off later this month, in order to have the time of your life there are five things we think you should know before heading out to have a blast at the fair. Granted we know people have been going to this fair for over 100 years now, so these are more so just suggestions.

Granted we've spent a good amount of time at fairs ourselves and it helps to be prepared for anything and everything, so give the list a read and see what you can expect this year and how you can have the best time possible!

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4.) Wear comfy shoes

You don't realize how bad your feet can hurt until you're on them all day, either waiting in lines or watching a show. Staying on your feet all day in tennis shoes or boots isn't gonna be good by the end of the day, you'll end up looking to soak them or get someone to try and rub them before you're even home. Comfy shoes will help you avoid all of that.

3.) Don't Eat till you get there

Trust us on this one, especially with all the new food coming to the fair this year. That's right the Central Washington state fair has a whole new assortment of foods to try this year including turkey legs, deep-fried foods, donuts, and more, so save your appetite until you get here!

2.) Get an All You Can Ride Wristband

Plan on taking your kids on every ride the fair has to offer? Then you'll wanna get an all-you-can-ride wristband that lets you enjoy all the rides without worrying about conserving tickets. You can get them before the fair starts at a reduced price. To check it out follow the link below!

All You Can Ride Wristband

1.) Don't Miss the Concerts

Once again the Central Washington State Fair has outdone itself with its live concert series this year. After a few years of covid, they're ready to get back to what they love which is entertaining all of the Yakima Valley, with artists like Granger Smith, War, Flo Rida, Theory of a Deadman, and a whole lot more, to check out the concert series follow the list below!

Live performances at the Central Washington State Fair 

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