Chely Wright says she suffered a stroke a year ago on Friday, Nov. 1. The singer shared details about what happened on Facebook in hopes those reading will pay attention to their bodies and seek to understand symptoms of a stroke.

The 49-year-old had a stroke in New York City, but didn't go to the hospital for several days because neither she or her wife Lauren recognized the symptoms. Wright says she had a migraine headache for a third straight day, so with a show coming up she decided to go to the emergency room at Lenox Hill Hospital.

"The doctor I saw — whom I'd seen before — was troubled by some of the symptoms of that day's headache," Wright writes. "After a series of diagnostic tests, I was informed that I'd had a stroke."

Just 48 years old at the time, Wright had considered that she'd had a stroke, but dismissed it before visiting the hospital. "The reason I’m sharing this is so you all might take a moment to refresh your understanding of stroke and the symptoms of stroke," she says. "Pay attention to your body and encourage your loved ones to do the same."

According to WebMD, signs of a stroke include sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arm or leg on one side of the body, loss of or diminishing vision, loss of balance, severe headache and unexplained dizziness, plus others. The website urges you to call 911 immediately if you recognize these symptoms in yourself or someone else.

Musically, Wright is touring in support of her most recent EP, Revival.

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