Christmas decorations aren't cheap, even small tree decorations can cost you up to ten to fifteen dollars. They break then you're scattering to replace them. So why not go the home made route?

Nothing beats home made decorations from your little ones, and to be honest they last a lot longer. So we'll give you some fun cute decoration ideas you can do with your kiddos. They also make great gifts for the grandparents.

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Rudolph popsicle stick ornament

We all made these back in the day, they're simple, fun and easy to do. All you need is some popsicle sticks, brown, white and red cotton balls. They're easy to find at any craft store in the Yakima Valley.

You'll also need some glue or glue sticks. break 3 popsicle sticks in half, use three of them to make an upside down triangle. then using the cotton balls make his face, with a white jaw, and a red nose, using the buttons you can make little eyes. after it's dried and good to go. using the space from the popsicle stick you can put any ribbon thru to make it an ornament

Paper Plate Santa Clause

You can use any size paper plate for this, it's fun fast and easy for the kiddos. Give them some kid safe paint or markers and have them make Santas face, using cotton balls have them glue them to the plate to make his famous beard. Then add some cotton balls to the top of the plate to form the base of his hat. Take some paper to cut a triangle for the hat and let the kiddos go crazy designing it. Then glue it to the back side of the plate and you're done, hang those plates up with pride.

Christmas Tree pine cone.

For this you'll just need some paint, paint brushes and of course a pine cone. Paint the entire pine cone green leaving some of the bottom untouched. Then have the kids paint the tree to fit whatever comes from their imagination, leaving you a perfect little center piece on any coffee table.

Snowflake ornaments

This is super simple and only takes 4 popsicle sticks each, some glue, glitter, and some more paint. However, if you don't wanna use paint they do sell multicolored popsicle sticks. Moving on, you'll want to start by gluing your popsicle sticks together in a snowflake shape, after let the kiddos go crazy with decorating using anything and everything from beads, glitter, maybe some garlic to really add the Christmas spirit to it. After use a little bit of glue and string to make your snowflake into an ornament.

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