Gunner Jackson and Michele Mathews chatted with Sarah Navoy from KIMA Action News this morning to get the latest on this fire.  Listen to the interview here:

(8/14 4:30pm update) The Seattle Times is reporting that because of how quickly this wild fire is spreading, the fire fight will be from the air beginning this evening.  900+ are now evacuated.  500 homes are without power.  FEMA has authorized funds to to help with the firefighting costs.   300 homes at risk and still 0% contained and quickly growing. 600 fire fighters and 100 DOC inmates are currently on the scene helping fight this fire.

Here's the latest fire coverage map from Kittitas County:

(8/14 11:30am update) Sarah Navoy is now reporting that more than 400 people have been evacuated and the State of Washington has declared a state of emergency.   The National Guard is on the way.  Still 0% contained.

(8/14 10am update) It is now over 27k acres!  60+ homes have been burned and animals are being moved to the Kittitas County Fairgrounds.

State Fire Crews are now relieving local fire crews for the first times since the fire started... giving those local firefighters some much needed relief.

As of this mornings, the fire is 0% contained.  The fire perimeter is SR-97 to the North, Yakima River to the South,  Lower Green Canyon to the East, and Taylor Road to the West.

With the exception of the smoke, I-90 traffic has not been affected.

Sarah Navoy will have the latest at, during the 5 & 6pm newscasts on KIMA and tomorrow morning with Gunner and Michele in the Morning Bull-Pen.


Kittitas County has released a fire map giving you an idea at how big this fire is...