Clint Black is taking over Taste of Country this week, and he took questions from his fans all over the world via our Facebook page Tuesday night (Feb. 23) as part of the schedule of events.

The singer is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his landmark debut album, Killin' Time, which launched him to overnight superstar status after a decade of struggle playing clubs and building up his songs and fanbase. He is sharing exclusive content with Taste of Country every day this week to mark the anniversary of the career-launching project, and he'll be incorporating some of those songs into his set as he tours to promote his most recent album, On Purpose, this year.

Black fielded a wide variety of questions about both his personal and professional lives, revealing that he is currently looking at doing some more acting. "Talking about acting roles last week," he writes. "Nothing to announce yet."

He good-naturedly answered one question from a fan who asked if Roy Rogers was his father — a question he's evidently heard before, given their strong resemblance. "No. We had some fun with that one though," he states. "His kids joked with him about it when I hit the scene."

Black says that he enjoys performing live more now than ever in his career. "I've gotten better at it, which makes it more fun."

He names Merle Haggard as the singer who most inspired him, and Chris Young as a younger artist he likes, noting that he is just beginning to check out Chris Stapleton. He also mentions classic rock acts including James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Doobie Brothers, Bob Seger and Lynyrd Skynyrd as favorites.

The singer-songwriter also talks about his personal life, answering questions about raising kids, naming Hawaii as his favorite vacation spot and revealing that he likes to unwind by playing video games, calling out Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Fall Out 4, Tiger Woods Golf and Madden Football by name.

Check out the entire chat on Facebook, and visit Taste of Country every day this week for more exclusive content from Clint Black.

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