My son Benjamin has faced difficulties starting from the time he was 14 days old and began to have seizures. We did a battery of tests -- from MRIs to CAT scans to spinal taps. The tests all found nothing. He was immediately put on medication for the seizures. Medication that had major side effects.

At the time we lived in Seattle, which was a blessing because the doctor sent us straight to Children's Hospital.

Soon after, we moved to Yakima. It worried me having his doctors over two hours away. But then his new pediatrician told me about Children's Village, right here in Yakima.

The moment we walked into Children's Village, all my fear and worries disappeared. I knew that we would get the care and treatment Benjamin needed.

Fast forward to the present: That little tiny baby is now 17 years old. He's had plenty of struggles along the way, but is a senior at Naches Valley High School. He's normally quiet, so I was a little surprised when he told me he was competing in the Mr. Naches pageant, which is coming up on March 10. Once he told me why, it made sense -- it's for that very special place where Benjamin received his care: Children's Village.

It warms my heart to know that he's helping to give back to a place that he himself benefited from.

You can help Benjamin raise money for Children's Village by donating here. Just click on Mr. Naches pageant then click Benjamin's name.

Thank you!

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