Cody Johnson compromised nothing in releasing his first major label single, "On My Way to You." The CoJo Nation is sure to embrace the sincerity of this love ballad, and many hearing the Texan for the first time will appreciate his dedication to a traditional country sound.

So often country traditionalists bend with a progressive beat or lyrics meant to attract a particular generation or more mainstream audience. Johnson relies on fiddle and steel guitar, a soft snare drum and earnest songwriting instead. "On My Way to You" leaves room between notes for the listener to slowly appreciate his message of redemption. Nothing is rushed, and that in itself is unique. It all soaks in.

It's fair to call Johnson an old soul. The 31-year-old built a large fanbase through touring and honest songwriting, not marketing gimmicks or by chasing trends. His large social following is indicative of his popularity onstage, not off. While Johnson does post on Twitter and Instagram, it's rarely to share intimate details of his life. Essentially he does what he does, worrying about the music, not the climate. In 2018 we call those kind of people outlaws.

Did You Know?: Prior to signing with Warner Music Nashville, Johnson's most well-known hit nationally was "With You I Am."

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Cody Johnson's "On My Way to You" Lyrics:

All the boats I've missed / All the hell I've caused / All the lips I've kissed / All the love I've lost / I got kicked around / I've been black and blue / On my way to you.

All the stars I've seen / All the songs I've sung / All the beers I've drank / All the damage done / I was just passin' time / Kinda just passin' through / On my way to you.

Every curve, every ditch / Every turn, every bridge / I left behind me up in smoke / Every fork in the road / It was all worth the while / When I finally saw your smile / Every highway, every heartbreak /Every mountain, every mile.

I got the radio up / Sun is going down / I’ll take a left at the bank / And I’ll head straight through town / So baby put on that dress / A little sweet perfume / ‘Cause I’m on my way to you.

All the boats I’ve missed / All the hell I’ve caused / All the lips I’ve kissed / All the love I’ve lost / I thank God for that / I guess he always knew / I was on my way to you.

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